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St-John’s Laboratory è un’azienda con sede in Gran Bretagna e si occupa di ricerca e sviluppo su:

Anticorpi primari:

Anticorpi Monoclonali e policlonali;

Anticorpi secondari: con cinque diversi tipi di coniugazione (non coniugato, FITC-, HRP-, Biotina-, Oro-coniugato);

kit ELISA, sia quantitativi che qualitativi. Possono essere usati per valutazioni di antigeni in siero, plasma, tessuti e altri fluidi biologici;


  • STJ97732

    Anti-Cystatin C antibody

    Cystatin C is a protein encoded by the CST3 gene which is approximately 15,7 kDa. Cystatin C is secreted into the extracellular space. It is involved in the innate immune system, salivary secretion, neuroscience and plaque formation. This protein falls under the cystatin superfamily. It is the most abundant extracellular inhibitor of cysteine proteases and is thought to serve an important physiological role as a local regulator of this enzyme activity. Cystatin C is expressed in the nervous system, blood, kidney, saliva and muscle. Mutations in the CST3 gene may result in Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. STJ97732 was developed from clone 7F11 and was affinity-purified from mouse ascites by affinity-chromatography using specific immunogen. This primary antibody detects endogenous levels of CST3.

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